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    About Us

    Company Overview

    Harris Publishing, Inc is a full service publishing company which includes 15 different niche publications and five specialty events in those niche areas.

    Harris Publishing is well known and respected in these industries for its writing, photography and design. These publications are not just jobs to our staff they are passionate about the items they write about and sell. Our staff works hard to ensure our clients needs are meet. We are always looking for ways to reach others that want more information on these same passions.

    In 1971, Harris Publishing began and quickly launched three magazines: Potato Grower, SnoWest and Sugar Producer. Other publications in boating, golf, trucks, lifestyle, snowmobiling, and industry publications were added through the years.

    In publishing these niche titles it was obvious there was a need for related events. Thus, Harris Publishing filled these needs in the boating, snowmobiling, and golf areas and started the National Houseboat Expo, On the Water Expo, Intermountain Snowmobile Show, Idaho Snowmobile Show, and the Mountain West Golf Expo.

    In keeping with our tradition of setting the pace in the ever changing market we have partnered with the leading digital and print fulfillment company.

    Harris Publishing will continue to align our publications, events, websites and marketing in ways that will promote our clients needs.

    Harris Publishing, Inc also owns Falls Printing, LLC.


    Mission Statement

    Our company seeks readers and advertising for our magazines and seeks to keep them for as long as we meet, or exceed, their needs. We publish magazines, but we market advertising results through interested and satisfied readers.

    We seek to apply the talents, knowledge and skills of our employees to make our publications and services industry leaders and be number one in customer satisfaction and have fun while doing the work!

    We further seek to provide better quality service than any of our competition in this ever changing marketing world.

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