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SnoWest Magazine Back Issue November 2013

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SnoWest Magazine
November 2013 
Volume 40 Numbr 6  


20 Finally, Some Props For The 600s
Is the mountain 600 class back? It looks that way, now with three of the four manufacturers offering a two-stroke 600cc sled. For now, we look at the Polaris 600 Pro RMK and Ski-Doo Summit SP 600 head-to-head. By Lane Lindstrom 

26 Avalanche Story
Avalanche expert Doug Chabot gives tips on how we snowmobilers can be safe in the backcountry.  By Doug Chabot

30 Defining Lightweight Four-Strokes
Isn't that an oxymoron? Perhaps, but we explain how sometimes it works anyway. Here's the Yamaha Nytro MTX vs. the Arctic Cat M 9000 Limited. By Steve Janes 

38 Snowmobile Exhaust 101
Here's an inside look at your snowmobile's exhaust and why you want it performing at its best. By Byron Strickland

42 Idaho Snowmobile Show
We've got some fun activities planned for this year's Idaho Snowmobile Show. That and two giant exhibit halls full of everything to do with snowmobiling.

44 Heavenly Riding In Priest Lake
PriestLakemight get overlooked by someone just looking to ride at soaring elevations higher than 8 or 9,000 feet. And would they be missing out on some of Idaho's best snowmobiling. By Lane Lindstrom  

The Polaris 600 Pro RMK was the 600 for this past winter. Will its magic continue? Photo by Ryan Harris

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